My under eye arena is very dehydrated, and my nose clogs very quickly and because I can’t get extractions every month like some people, I’m always on the search for things that can tide me over until my next facial. And in a world where not all skins were made equal, and pricey doesn’t always mean quality,  it’s hard to find supplemental items that help with without feeling as though it’s money down the drain.

That’s why Day 8 of our Advent Calendar Giveaway goes to G.M. Collin skincare. A brand founded in France over 50 years ago utilized the idea of collage pellicles, before it started hitting the skincare stage as a trend today. Year later, G.M. Collin has enhanced its dermo-corrective capabilities to suit the American culture. I’m taking that as its plastic surgery in a bottle… haha, kidding – sort of.

Now the entire collection isn’t for me, as it just isn’t. I find it best to mix and match brands to formulate a regimen that’s good for you. It’s kind of like an outfit. You wouldn’t wear head-to-toe Pucci. You’d mix in some low and high end solids, otherwise, well, you’d look as if you belong in Miami. And that’s why G.M. Collin…. It works well with other products that weren’t concocted with the same base.

The products I’ll swear by – GM Collin Active Exfoliant Powder and G.M. Collin Instant Radiance Eye Patches. Just try ‘em…. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

StyleCartel Giveaway – What does your daily regimen consist of? Tell us onFacebookTwitter or Instagram and you may win some G.M. Collin for yourself. You have until December 11, 2013 at 9AM EST to enter! Winner will be announce December 11, 12PM EST.