Today I have chosen three very pretty AX Paris‘ dresses that are perfect for the moment!

Let’s start with the Lace Kick Out Dress that is really feminine! The flowers make that dress very fresh, and its transparency is really elegant. Moreover, Whether you look tanned or not, trust me, this coral dress will fit you perfectly:  it is a must-have if you want to be in!


Concerning the Strapless Drop Back Jewel Dress, it is perfect for a party if you really want to attract people’s attention! It is a very elegant piece, and all the beauty of this dress lies in its simplicity. The pearls used around the waist add a very classy touch to it!


The last article of my selection is the Flower Crochet Net Dress that is very luminous. White and yellow make reference to the light or the sun more generally, so if you want to be a ray of sunlight during a whole day, you just have to wear that dress! In addition it is on sale!

So, what are you waiting for girls: now it is your turn!

 Lace Kick Out Dress

Strapless Drop Back Jewel Dress

Flower Crochet Net Dress