Every day I walk the streets of New York. Sometimes, I walk miles and don’t even know it. And though I prefer the comfort of sneaks over heels, I do like to strut my stuff occasionally in this concrete jungle. The only issue is because I walk miles, I want something that’s easy on the feet and stylish. So for this Accessory Saturday, we bring you, Tsubo.

Founded nearly 20 years ago, Tsubo has been on the up and up when it comes to the ergonomic design of shoes. I’m sure you’ve heard that word, ergonomic, as many times as you’ve heard “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” in the past few years. And you should want to hear that something you purchase is ergonomically designed as it means it was built with a structure that comforts, or protects, in a way that doesn’t cause injury.

So utilizing this ideology, Tsubo has found a way to combine comfort and support in fashion forward styles. My favorite is the Novelle wedge with interchangeable grosgrain ribbon. Tie it high for sexier look, or bow it low for added ankle support. Tsubo soles are also constructed with “cushion oval bubbles” strategically placed on various pressure points of the foot, for the highest amount of comfort – a tell-tell sign you are wearing a real Tsubo.

Check out more Tsubo styles for women, men and kids online at Tsubo.com