ASKARENliebermann11 ASKARENliebermann21This Accessories Saturday is all about Karen Liberman Fine Jewelry. Since its debut in 2011, Liberman has added much needed stylistic significance to “Boho Chic”. By mixing ancient coins, 18k gold and precious stones like sapphires, she creates jewellery that is not only for every day, but carries enough character to be an evening statement piece.

Dark grey and brown opaque diamonds, 24k stacking bracelets with innate indentations, and still fossilized Ancient Roman coins add an element of natural, raw beauty, slightly reminiscent of her own. And though with a slightly higher price point than other ready-to-wear collection items, starting at around $750, Karen Liberman Fine Jewelry, carries timeless aesthetics that not only will stay on trend, but holds deep historical meaning.

This coming season, Liberman will showcase her latest line featuring 30 one-off pieces comprised of coins and stones from the world’s best lapidaries. And for those who can’t wait until this Fall’s collection unveiling, Liberman’s pieces are available through White Bird Fine Jewelry, Heist, Kabiri, Husk and other online retailers.