Working out has become the new thing to do among friends. No joke… it’s become as popular as brunching every weekend and experiencing that “much needed” spa day, but no one has really capitalized on making those über expensive studios more than just a place to sweat and scram. But now, that’s all in the past with Wellvyl.

Wellvyl is the newest social club for wellness to open up in New York City. Taking cues from what make this generation so different from those before, this club connects members with like-minded individuals who love fitness, health and wellness by offering experiences under a communal platform. No it’s not some tree hugging arena, but it is a place that where you give it your all, no matter your fitness level, you never feel alone. Basically, you won’t be that person picked last for dodge ball because you don’t look fit. There’s no “I” in Wellvyl, only “WE”.

“People like to meet people who share their values and aspirations. This is where Wellvyl changes things, we bring the yogi to the CrossFitter and the marathon runner and bodybuilder to the soccer player, where they all actually connect, meet, mingle and be well. We’re creating networks and influencing people to adopt a healthier way to socialize,” said Wellvyl’s Founder and CEO Christopher Krietchman.

Now it’s your turn to shift your mindset towards living better inside and out. Wellvyl is currently accepting membership applications from those wishing to join this thriving community. With your membership, you’ll be given access to the best instructors, trainers, teachers, and thought leaders, plus invitations to member-only classes, social events, and experiences.

To find out more, visit them online.