It’s March which means, 1) spring is almost here, 2) we lose an hour of sleep, and 3) I’ve started a new workout practice. This month, I’ll be Bariddicted at The Bari Studio in Tribeca. So far, I’ve attended three classes and by the time this story goes live, I’ll have attended four. But of those three classes, let me just say, cardio has never been so much fun. Last time we worked on pushing ourselves with intense muscle training, this time, it’s all about the sweat factor.


What is Bari? Honestly, I don’t know the true definition or identity Bari is trying to instill, but I can tell you what I think it is. Bari is better than running. It’s more fun than cycling. It’s hipper than crossfit (sorry, crossfit… I still love you though). It’s more on trend than heated yoga. Bari is the definition of addictive health practices. Seriously! Imagine attending a class at a grueling 6AM, to be welcomed by the sounds of Beyoncé , Bruno Mars, and Avicii, as you sprint on a trampoline. You’ll never want to leave. I’ve actually upped my scheduled 3 times a week, to 6 times for next week.

I enjoy the way my heart races as I drip sweat. I love that I can see how many calories I burn thanks to iQniter belt. But best of all, I love that it brings out my competitive side. This month they have a #MarchMadness contest going on where you basically compete with yourself. All you have to do is attend 21 classes for the month of March, and you walk away with a really great prize. I mean, I don’t know what the prize is, but I hear it’s really amazing.

Yes, this post does sound like the ramblings of a fan girl, but I am.

Until next week! x