FOREO_LUNA_trade__Mini_Save_The_Sea_Special_Edition_1433428278Recently there has been a heart wrenching video that has gone viral. No it wasn’t some sappy marriage proposal. No it wasn’t someone quitting their job to follow their dream. And no, it wasn’t some baby crying every time the father left the room. It was an 8 minute video of a sea turtle having a plastic straw pulled from its nostrils. Seriously, Google these exact words “sea turtle nose straw video”. I’ll wait.

Yeah. We can’t allow things like that to continue happening. Mind you, this turtle is one of the lucky ones. There are thousands more like him suffering from improper dumping and pollution yet it’s easy for consumers like you and I to help out — even by the simple purchases we make. One our favorite brands FOREO, created a ‘Save the Sea’, LUNA™ mini where net proceeds will go to their newly established Board of Ocean Conservation charity partners, including GreenWave and SEA LIFE Trust to raise funds and awareness that can prevent travesties just like this!

The special edition LUNA™ mini comes in a distinct aqua blue with an exclusive marine life stamp pattern (they’re turtles! How ironic?!), it offers the T-Sonic™ technology integrated into a silicone design as silicone is a material that is sustainable and has low environmental impact, and is packaged in 100% recyclable materials.

This is just one way FOREO is doing their part in promoting sustainability in beauty. With your purchase, now you can too.