Baroque in Brooklyn – Brian Wolk and Claude Morais took us to a place many Manhattanites refuse to trek – Brooklyn. Ruffian SS13 opened eyes to the beauty of couture in Williamsburg by joining Baroque art, runway’s interpretation of street style and luxurious fabrics in American cuts. An atmosphere evocative to a Sunday afternoon spent enjoying coffee with friends – light, airy and open to all possibilities of life – was delicately conveyed during the show. look-10look-31

Themes – Baroque offset by minimalism, street style vs. runway, luxury fabrics cut in American silhouettes

Colors – Cream/Ivory, pearly soft hues, pastel pink and blue, yellow, navy, painter patterns

Trends – Hipster street style meets runway couture, ruffles, pleats, cropped, oversized tops

look-12 Look-4



Key Items – Chucks, corset tanks, boy shorts, sculpted shift tops, boy blazers, heavy beaded collar necklaces, slim cut brocade trousers, multi-layer chain belt

Details – lace trim, Ruffian Heraldic t-shirt, tied and scrunched jacket sleeves, puffy sleeves, back coat pleating

Materials – brocade, silk, pima cotton, cotton sateen

look-23look-16 look-8 Swag –The oversized oxfords, ruffled sleeveless blouses, boy shorts, corsets easily create simple outfits for day or night, whilst remaining polished and put together. A collection fit for the masses provides an external outlet for one’s personal style creativity, similar to the style mantra of Brooklyn.
look-33look-20 Photos courtesy of Style.com