Last Tuesday, Peloton hosted an exclusive launch of their flagship cycling studio. And before you whine and groan about how there’s a new studio on the block, just know it’s not for just anybody. It’s members only! Well, actually, there’s a members only perk, but anyone can take a class.

Founded on the simple dream of making indoor cycling available on your schedule, Peloton has grown from shipping bikes door-to-door, to an 8,000-square-foot space housing a full film production studio that live streams classes to Peloton owners worldwide. Equipped with a 21.5″ Full HD, multi-touch console, a magnetic resistance wheel for smooth rides and carbon steel, and monocoque construction so your bike doesn’t wobble all over the place, it’ll be like a ride you’ve never had before. Unless you own a Peloton. Which in that case you’d be used to itBut how else is Peloton different? Well, the NYC location is headed by Marion Roaman, or the founder of the boutique cycling movement in the NY Tri-state area. (Yeah, kids who were born AFTER 1990. Cycling didn’t just happen, it started somewhere.) Guests can lounge around as they use assigned iPads to work, sip on complimentary fresh blended juices to help you refuel for the day, or regroup before returning to the office with the Lafco scented locker room. Members on the other hand, receive their own cycling shoes, laundry service on gym clothes, and much more! It’s like  the Soho House of cycling studios where everything is curated for the highest quality of enjoyment.