(L to R): Costello Tagliapietra; Ruffian; Alexandre Hercovitch; Gryphon

Each season a color has it’s own renaissance. And with each rebirth, it’s brings to life new styles, silhouettes and designs in a light we’ve never seen before. This season, that color is purple. I know there are rumors floating around of the color people wine, which is similar to last season’s oxblood red, but it’s purple. From Costello to Gryphon to Lela to Alejandro, we were shown purple’s other side – a more chic, sleek, sophisticated, traditional, and sexier side that we haven’t seen in quite some time.

If purple wasn’t your color, it will be next season. So warm up to it, because there’s a hue for every skintone out there.


(L to R): Leather Japan; Alejandro Ingelmo; Custo Barcelona; Ralph Rucci

Photos courtesy of Fashion GPS, Krupp Group and BF Agency.