::Sigh:: Reason number, well, I’ve lost count at this point, why I’m jealous of Charlotte who lives in Paris. Don’t get me wrong, the US, specifically New York has some of the best parties and collaborations only available stateside. But seriously, Marc Jacobs gets named Creative Director of Coca-Cola light and creates three fabulous bottle designs; wait for it, only available in EUROPE!

“Quelle horreur!” My thoughts exactly.

In honor of their 30 year anniversary, each can will be a depiction of the 80s, 90s, or 00s (how would you even say that decade?!) all beautifully created in Marc Jacobs style. And as a special treat, because no one can get enough of Jacobs, he’s featured in the campaign in a manner many designers stray away from – playful!

So before you watch one of the campaign videos below remember, snap a photo of yourself, and your Marc Jacobs CCL can doing whatever you do. But make sure to Facebook It, Pin It orInstagram It.