BBB_Header_612Procter & Gamble is taking Manhattan by storm. They’re opening our eyes to ordinary things we do every day, that make the largest impact on our personal lives and what happens around us. From reminding ourselves to smile when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed to running that extra 30 seconds when our mind tells us to stop to reminding ourselves that the media doesn’t define true beauty (see video below). Overtime these little causes, result in a larger effect. That’s what P&G calls the #EverydayEffect.

So, on June 19, P&G is taking to the streets of New York City to show the power of the#EverydayEffect. With more than 40,000 products being given away across 25 brands, including Gillette, CoverGirl, Swiffer, Charmin, Puffs and more, teams will show New Yorkers (and visitors) how P&G makes our everyday lives a better one brand at a time.

The coolest part is it’s going to be live. Broadcast all over the country through social media and on the ground reports. So join P&G and their teams and help cause a large, empowering everyday effect by following #EverydayEffect on Twitter and visiting Facebook for updates!

Not in the New York area? Don’t worry! Twitter will showcase opportunities, at various times, during the day to win $100 worth of products from the P&G eStore.

For a downloadable Everyday Effect map showing all the stations in New York, click here.