At home everything has is all the rage. It’s not only because disposable income is much harder to come about now, but it’s also due to the popularity of DIY. I’m a horrible DIY-er. I used to be an absolute genius in university, but once I moved to the city, I was forced to downsize. Which also meant giving away my craft basins. (That’s right. They were basins! I was a really crafty queen years ago.) And with the trend expanding over to other industries, it’s always important for us to keep you up on the latest of late. This Lady Tech Tuesday is all about PMD’s Personal Microderm.

Initially when received I was instructed to watch the how-to video, to ensure I was handling the device in the proper manner for the best results. From there, it took a few tries to really get a hang of what I was doing. As I moved from region to region, and advanced to a slightly coarser board, I started see blemish outbreak around my cycle and smoother texture around my chin. And since it’s a non-invasive form of mild skin resurfacing, you can use it more often than one would go for Botox treatment or collagen injections, at a fraction of the cost.

The only downside I found was that I’m such an impatient person, I’m only able to do small areas of my face before getting fidgety. After a recent visit to a facilist where I discussed the PMD, she recommended I get the hand of exfoliating, on the regular with skin care products, before advancing to a device that requires more attention and time.