To keep in season with our bridal theme, we got the 411 on beauty looks, tips, and trends from JAPONESQUE National Makeup Artist, Shawn Fisher.

What are the best beauty looks that will last on your wedding day? 
Enhancing your natural look, keeping the eyes soft & smoky, giving your cheekbones a gorgeous strobe, and rocking a bright long wear lipstick that’s not too shiny. Always finish the entire face with a makeup setting spray to hold your look all day!

How can you ensure if you go for a more dramatic look, it will stay?
Making sure you prime your eyes and face are crucial for long lasting looks. To ensure maximum staying power, use primers and finishing powder to set.

Are there tips for weddings occurring in different weathers – colder regions, beachy weather with breezes, humid temps, etc.?
For colder regions typically your skin will be dry and makeup can look dull. Try using a dewy or water based primer underneath your makeup to give the skin a more radiant hydrated finish. For vacation hot spots or humidity, pick up a makeup setting spray to keep your makeup locked on all day and effortless. This will prevent the makeup from transferring and melting off.

What look do you see trending?
A definite trend that is becoming popular is the effortless look. This means a strong focus on natural radiant skin, bold natural brows with a pop of color on the lips. Not having an overly done look, perfection is not necessary!