Over the last couple of years, I’ve been looking for different ways to ditch my need for prescription medication. With all that has been prescribed to me by various doctors, it seemed the side effects outweighed the relief it was meant to cause. So, overtime, I decided to quit all of them cold turkey, which in of itself turned out to be a demon of its own. Occasionally, I turned to marijuana to soothe period cramps and incessant migraines, but the after feeling wasn’t suitable for workdays; forcing me to pop a couple of whatever pain relievers I could find.

This had to stop. There had to be another way to cut out a majority of the degenerative and addictive medications our doctors use as a cure all, and take control back of my life. And I did. By some miracle, at an event, I was introduced to a product called Theramu.

Theramu is a brand of balms and elixirs that offer the benefits of 100% pure hemp extract without the THC. It provides the power of cannabidiol (CBD) without the feeling of being high, therefore making it completely legal and safe for children, adults, and seniors to use.

When I was first introduced to the company, I was almost sure it wouldn’t work for me. I didn’t have high hopes for it, but promised them and myself, that I would give it a go. They gifted me a balm to try at my leisure and used the moment I settled at home. My joints and back had been aching for some days, and lying down was the only way to soothe them. The unfortunate thing with lying down was that it felt like your body goes into rigor, making walking and moving so stiff. So, I took the balm, rubbed it on my knees and within minutes, all the pain was gone. Because I couldn’t believe it actually worked, I tried it on my back. Minutes later, it too vanished. Even after feeling the results for myself, I assumed it was a mental placebo effect. How could this work, and the medical industry not be promoting all-natural medicinals like this?! HOW?!

The next morning, I had to take this as a win and stop giving so much credit to big pharma and doctors. If this balm worked, I was now on a mission to see how well the elixir worked for my anxiety. That morning I reached out to Theramu’s CEO Joel Greengrass, told him of the miracle that occurred last night, and requested to try the Calm PRO drops as a comparative. A few days later, this is the exact email I sent to him after trying it before an event.

“All of the overthinking just stopped. It took me out of my head and into the world around me.”

The event mentioned was the Keds x LOLA Women’s Day celebration event I Instagramed about. For those who don’t know, there are a few people I can be around and not curl into myself. Everyday people are not those people. I begin to sweat, my stutter comes out from hiding, I start rambling nonsensical rationales, and I linger longer than necessary; making smooth exits uncomfortable for everyone involved. That Wednesday, I was a master of public schmoozing, or at least that was how I felt. No stutter. No sweat. No awkward goodbyes. I was the person I’ve always known that I am; and that sort of power can’t be bought.

Since then, I’ve been interested to know how other users, with differing ailments, were affected. The first one comes from a doctor who is also a patient.

Neuroscientist and fibromyalgia patient Michele Ross, PhD and CEO of Infused Health believes strongly in the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and is a passionate advocate for patient access to this all-natural reliever.

“As a patient myself, I was frustrated with the inconsistency of hemp-based cannabinoid products and their inability to reduce my fibromyalgia symptoms effectively,” said Dr. Ross. “I believed CBD was the answer for me, yet more than 200 different hemp-infused products had not provided the level of relief I needed. That’s when I discovered Theramu’s Calm Pro tincture, which gives me relief from the inflammation, pain, spasms, sleep and mood issues that are an unavoidable part of my daily life with fibromyalgia. I attribute Theramu’s effectiveness to the high amount of CBD found in each dropper, as well as the unique combination of terpenes and emu oil, which provides enhanced bioavailability and reduced inflammation. In other words, it works where I need it most.”

I know we’re living in a time where we feel like we can’t take all doctors on their word, so here are a few other testimonials from other patients:

Jazz suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa
I’ve had this debilitating form of EB since I was a baby, making me blister everywhere to the point I could not even walk. Before Theramu, my pain could be a 7-9 without any medicine and now, after Theramu, I have no pain!

Emotionally, I am immensely better after Theramu as well. I am less worried, more active, able to walk and even travel, and spend time with my friends and family without the pain taking over my mind. Bottom line, Theramu has allowed me to be carefree!

Pamela suffers from Arthritis
Nothing else has ever helped my arthritic right hand (which I call my “Monster Hand”) because it acts up so badly with weather changes and swells enormously – much larger than my left hand. When I applied Theramu Relieve, I actually watched the swelling in my hand go down, my pain went away and I have movement back. It was incredible to see these results immediately!

Joel suffers from Multiple Sclerosis
I was diagnosed 10 years ago with Relapsing Remitting MS. Throughout the past decade, I’ve struggled with Relapsing Remitting MS. One of my worst symptoms has been intense pain and cramping in my left leg and foot, requiring 2-3 visits to my doctor per week to maintain my mobility. This was incredibly difficult for me, as I have always been a very active guy. 

Within days of using Theramu, my pain had mostly subsided and the cramping was gone. I have not seen my doctor in four months!

Now, if their words aren’t enough then maybe you just need to try it out first hand. I believe in this product so much that with the code TILLIE, you’ll receive 10% off your purchase and I receive no commission whatsoever. Plus, with their empty jar guarantee, if Theramu does not work for you, they will gladly provide a refund upon receiving the unused portion. But you won’t return it, because it will work. And soon you’ll be like me, asking everyone within earshot if they’ve heard of Theramu.