Pamella Roland isn’t the typical fashion stardom story many have been trained to believe and fantasize about. Her educational background in business, and her start didn’t even come in her teens or twenties. It occurred later in life, after a very successful career in Japan. Basically, she’s what my mum would call a “smart cookie.”

Now, this “smart cookie” is creating collections buyers, editors and celebrities fawn over. Gowns that are reminiscent of an era many only relive through literature and photographs. Gowns that accentuate the feminine silhouette showcase just enough that the rest is left to the imagination, all in drapings and styles that appease all body shapes. During her show Fall/Winter show at New York Fashion Week, I was privileged to meet this ageless beauty backstage and talk about pamella roland FW14.View More:

PHOTOS BY Shana Schnur Photography, LLC

Can you tell us about your collection and the inspiration behind it?
The inspiration is kind of the Art Deco 1903s, when the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, were first opened and built. My friend TJ Wilcox, he’s an artist, I just saw his artwork that just closed, gosh, Sunday. And he inspired me to really get involved in just the old New York. The Art Deco era.

So what textures should we look out for in this collection?
You will see a lot of textures with the beading. You’ll see sort of a skyline theme. It won’t be, unless you look at it, that deliberate. But we thought about things like that, and some of the building, and some of the fabrics that have silvers in it – but very tastefully.

And besides the entire collection, of course, what’s your favorite piece?
There’s a really fun anorak, like really big coat, that’s all navy blue sequins with fur.

Oh my gosh!
It’s really fun. It’s really fun!

View More: BY Shana Schnur Photography, LLC