The crisp, cold autumn and winter months will soon be upon us. With that, we get to try out the hottest fashion trends of the season. This, ladies and gents, is a glorious thing to behold. The great thing about the colder months is that we can effectively wear all of our favorite items of clothing, but update them in a fresh way.

There are some striking, fabulous and unusual trends hitting the high street this year. In fact, there are so many sublime new trends that you will have to find some restraint, lest you want a telling off from your bank manager.

Leather Jackets
For both men and women, the luxury leather jacket is a firm favorite. The key is to keep it simple. Play it safe in black. This jacket is stunning, yet versatile. The great thing is, is that the leather jacket can be worn all year round. Ladies, team your leather jacket with dresses, thick black tights and biker boots for the ultimate combination.

For gents, simply throw on with a pair of Levi’s for maximum impact. The biker leather is back for autumn and winter 2014. If you haven’t invested in one yet, you need to. Avoid cheap ‘pleather’ jackets and opt for the real deal. You will ooze sex appeal in a gorgeous leather jacket. Furthermore, you will look bang on trend.

Cocktail Hour
The thought of shimmering sequins may be reminiscent of Strictly Come Dancing. However, sequins are back this year. Think shimmering jewel tones and glorious cocktail dresses. Avoid the ballroom dancing look and think long drinks in a sophisticated bar. Sequins are going to huge this winter. Keep it simple with sequinned tops. Make sure that the top is the central feature for your ensemble. This will ensure that your outfit looks amazing.

Geometric City
The 1960s look has been coveted for some time. The 2014 twist on this much-loved period is nothing short of incredible. You should endeavor to make sure that you go for bright colors adorned with geometric shapes. This look is not for the faint hearted. If you don’t like to be seen, or you covet the understated look, this is not for you. This look is bold, fearless and sexy. Think monochrome with lashings of hot pink and neon orange.

Wool: It’s Not Just For Sheep
Being a fashion leader, not a sheep is imperative. You don’t want to blend into the herd. This year, woolen garments are going to be huge. Chunky polo knit sweaters, soft Arran wool and bright cable knits are taking center stage. The great thing about wool is that all can wear it. This is a trend that can be utilized by everyone, not just a select few. Keep your wool fabrics rich and luxurious to ensure that you look bang on trend.

Pixie Boots
While the 1960s loom large for many, the 1980s revival refuses to go away. If you are keen to take on the 1980s trend, in a simple way, you need a gorgeous pair of pixie boots. You don’t have to opt for a neon skirt and listen to Bros. A stunning pair of pixie boots will do the trick.