Yesterday I checked out the QVC’s Annual Holiday Press Preview. Though I had no plan on posting anything about it until the holiday guide came out later this year, I met makeup artist Claudia Lake at the highlighter bar, and things sort just happened. And yes, it’s exactly what is sounds like. Your favorite brand’s highlighter powders, palettes, creams, and sticks, begging to be played with. Bless them, they just wanted to be a servant of the beauty gods, yet sadly, they got me. Someone who in yesterday’s high 80s summer heat, wore a black hoodie. But luckily for you first time highlighters and seasoned makeup aficionados, I asked question; because that’s what curious minds do.

This is an actual photo taken of the bar showcasing released and some unreleased highlighters. You’re welcome.

First of all, how do you know which highlighter to use?
When it comes to highlighters it really depends on the color that you’re using and what you’re using it for. There’s definitely the roll over sticks that you can take with you if you just want a beachy look. You know, if they have a little bit of shimmer-shine you could use it on the lid, you could use it on the cheek. Depending on the color obviously you can use it on the lips so you have a monochromatic look. It’s definitely usable with makeup, on top.

Usually I would say those are good with powders, which are more highlighted, more pigmented. The creamy ones you can definitely use without any makeup. You can just use it to highlight in the little spots that I showed you. You don’t need any makeup at all.

Maybe a little bit of blush just to give it a little pop. If you have a little bit of pink on the cheeks or on the lip then it emphasizes everything. You could do the same thing with a highlighter and lip balm as long as you look moisturized. The whole thing is supposed to mimic, “I’ve been walking outside.”

Right, like a little flushed.
It’s a little flush, a little bit of sweat. It’s like where do you sweat? You sweat here. You sweat right here but it’s controlled sweat. Mimicking sweat, not real sweat.

Because shimmer is kind of like glitter, it can be frightening to people. They don’t want to put too much. What if you’re a first timer? Out of all these what would you recommend to ease their way up to something really bold?
Right, for somebody who doesn’t really wear a lot of makeup I would say instead of getting a bunch of … a palette, which you’re not going to use. Try a creamy one that’s very subtle.

Who are these by?
These are Anthropologie and this is Wander… just like a creamy stick, an all over stick. Laura Geller as well makes a chubby stick, which is sort of in between a pencil and a cream. It’s a little bit darker.

You can just pick a range somewhere. If you’re in the goldie tones you kind of want to go with the coppery colors. If you’re more fair, then you go with something a little bit more silvery. Again, you can move up to these. (points to the Tarte palette)

The Givenchy ones, depending on your skin tone you can either go for the palest one. I really like using some of the ones in the middle as a bronzer/highlighter. They can mimic as both depending on your skin tone. They don’t have a super dark one but it is subtle enough where you could use it all over the cheek in the C shape that I described for you. I mean, it’s fun. It’s fun and it’s subtle and if you don’t like a lot of makeup or you don’t know where to put it, once you blend it, you either use the fat brush or your fingers. It’s a subtle way of giving like, “Oh, I have a little something.”

Can you tell me the difference between using the bigger brush and using a fan brush when applying highlighter?
The fan brush is better for powder. If you have a full face of foundation and powder and you want to create that … It’s a very precise application. It also, it’s subtle and you can build it. The fatter brushes are really good if you want to create that more sun kissed, almost like a bronzer situation.

Bronzer usually comes with a big, fat brush. These guys are a little more subtle, a little bit more blended, not so precise. That’s the beauty of it. It’s if you’re the girl who likes a lot of foundation and a lot of makeup you can be more precise in your application.

If you’re a girl who’s still starting out get a fat brush just so you see it and you learn to place it. You just learn more.