Handkerchief-SS14-Lookbook-44-1024x723Where did the concept of Handkerchief originate?
Handkerchief is Amy Cheung from Hong Kong and Erkka Nissinen from Finland. We launched our collaboration with different interdisciplinary experiments between visual art, video performance and exhibition design across Europe for many years and in 2011, we launched our first experiment in fashion. We developed innovative fabrics, videos, architecture, animation and installation art to tell a combined wearable story. Due to our interests, background and places of birth, we see handkerchief as a blank canvas upon which everything creative across culture and beyond boundaries can be drawn and happen to it!!!


You’re a trained artist. How do you incorporate that into your collection?  
Our collection is very conceptual, originated from an idea, whereby matter, form, conceptual message will merge well together like an art piece. We play with creativity and fabrics like kids play with water and sand, we are a serious and playful brand.

Is this your first leap in the fashion industry, or have you dabbled in it before?  
We started at SS11 “Lost Queen in Metroplis” inspired by Fritz Lang and our collection evolved with our exhibition and different commissioned projects. Last summer, we exhibited our Camouflage in the Age of the Protestors at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Finland, and did a unique installation design in collaboration with Fashion 4 Development to support UN’s Women Every Child initiative at MoMA.



Has the response to Handkerchief been what you expected? What’s the moment you realized you made the right decision to create this collection?
We were very happy about handkerchief’s success as recognized by museum and gallery shows, however, we hope the general public will like us as much as the museum/art people…I was collaborating with Prof. Philip Zimbardo for an artwork and he inspired me to study theories in psychologies, one theory really struck me was the “bystanders’ effect” it is interesting for me in trying to combine psychology principles with fashion.

Are there any collaborations in the works for Handkerchief?
We are constantly in the look out for young talents and different collaborators. It could be you!?!? ????

What will we see in future collections?
We are working on our new F/W14 collection on handkerchief magic…we are studying tricks used by magician and how they
use handkerchief to create a “better world”, we hope to apply some magic to our clothes this time.