Spiffy-2With glasses being the new shoes, people are collecting multiple Rx frames to coordinate with their daily outfits. And as the eyeglass game grows, so does the amount of brands who offer looks in styles for every occasion.

Spiffy Society, one of the newer players on the eyewear market, offers so many optical and sunwear options that you could have a pair for everyday of the year. Designed with the idea of providing high-quality products in a innovative fashion, Spiffy Society believed choosing eyewear should be fun, easy, and interactive. Without having to spend hours in an office, choosing frames that are “sort of” what you’re looking for, but not exact.

And the best part is it can be done all from the comfort of your home (or office space). Browse the collections and request up to 3 options to try, before purchasing or opt for the 360-degree view virtual try-on. Either way, after purchase, you’ll walk away with a two-year replacement warranty,  ensuring whether your beloved terrier confused it with a chew toy, you sat on it not realizing it slid under the cushion or you just plum lost it. No matter what, your oh-so chic frames will be replaced for $7.

Frames start at $95, prescription lenses and shipping included. So Spruce up that new bob, with face flattering frames. Or because it’s the holiday season, give your grandmother the gift of chic prescription shade. Just do it it before your the last one to jump on the bandwagon. (Feel free to enjoy my personal pair pictured below. There are lenses in the frames, there just so crisp it looks hollow.)

For more information on Spiffy Society and to order a pair of your own, visit them online.