Beauty, Beauty, and more Beauty! Falls almost here which means everything is changing. The dewy, sunkissed look is out, as are those flip-flops, tank tops, booty shorts,  and every other barely there item of clothing you rocked to stay cool this summer. But most importantly, your beauty regimen needs to be changed. For real, you may have tried and true products that work for Spring/Summer, but what worked for SS14, won’t cut it for FW14/15. So, as the sweet, kind, and caring team we are, we’ve compiled a list of products that you’ll want for your beauty collection this season.

  1. Anti-Aging is everything. Women in their 20s are using anti-aging products, not for their crow’s feet or fine lines, but with prevention being the best medicine, they’re getting a head start of caring for their skin. And with all the items out on the market, it was truly hard for us to choose just 1. So we chose 3 – Lierac Magnificence Red Serum, KORRES Black Pine, andBeverly Hills M.D Venox.Anti-Aging“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – says every liar on Earth. I truly believe everyone is beautiful – I do. But I’m not going to sit here and say that makeup wasn’t a gift sent from Aphrodite to aid us in waking up Beyonce Flawless. The winners of this category were hands down Eyeko for mascara and eyeliner, and Boom! by Cindy Joseph for an all-in-one beauty buy.SkinCareWhat’s your skin type? From the low temps we’re feeling now, you know FW will be a doozey. A cold, skin abrasion doozey. So for you peeps out there who whine about their oily skin, or scrape away at their dry patches… STOP! You don’t have a leg to stand on thanks toHydroPeptide Solar Defense, and Perfective Ceuticals’ Divine Brightening Mask. MoisturizeMoisturize your love. Your body, if you didn’t know, is your temple. Truly it is. That’s why my heart shatters to a million pieces when I see ashy, begging to be moisturized elbows, legs and feet, pounding the streets in Louboutins. Like, for real, do you think Christian would be pleased to see dry toes peeping through his stilettos?! For keeping you moisturized from head to toe, we have ESPA Essential Body Moisturizer and ProFoot Heel Rescue. new-producs-imageMany of you prefer to use 100% natural products on your body. Some of you even concoct these potions at home. That’s great! Today people refuse to use anything that they can’t quickly trace the source or incorporate chemicals they can’t pronounce. I’m not like that, but I do believe nature has some of the most naturally healing properties known to man, so for the Au Naturale, we chose MyChelle.


    We want to hear how much you loved everything we recommended, so comment below. PLUS, save a little dough and purchase everything with the help of Offering discount codes to some of your favorite sites, you truly have an excess for overhauling your entire beauty counter this season.