Over the last few months, we’ve been doing some pretty extreme workouts. Workouts that have us bouncing on trampolines, dropping for some burpees and planking till our abdominals beg for mercy. The only down side to working up a constant sweat is that every nook and cranny feels it. Feels it to the point your once perfect high-impact bra feels only sufficient enough for yoga. Or those compression leggings look more like harem pants. Which is fine and dandy, if that’s the sort of look and support, you wanted.


So on our quest to find collections that live up to the fitness quality test that many seem to fail at, we came across Moving Comfort – a brand that sought out to create women’s workout apparel, when there was none. 1977 to be exact. Hold on… can we just acknowledge that there wasn’t any brands for woman in the late 70s? My goodness… what was my mother doing then? Tying a burlap sack around her thighs and calling it a day? Geez.

Anyway, after creating a brand for women, they used their knowledge of what all around, proper women’s apparel should look and feel like. Cover up my tummy? Duh! Sports bra that are in cup and band sizes, so that it emulates the support of regular bras? Of course. Offering a selection so petite, tall and plus-size women all feel included? Hell yea!


The bra received was my go to support during my month at Bari Studio. Where trampoline, dance and toning magic happens and stopping to adjust yourself only slows you down. You need to ensure the only reason you do slowdown is because you’re out of breath. Also, theFearless Pants in petite were so light and breathable, it was like wearing a second layer of skin, as dry time was very quick. Could you ask for anything more? I will admit though, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the tunic top and I still haven’t figured out why.

With dozens of color options,continual air circulation, and looks ideal for lounging around to marathon running and all the extremities in between makes Moving Comfort our Fabulously Fit  this week.