A man in a crisp Milanese tailored suit can be described as nothing less than sexy. But it’s what underneath that counts…. The underwear!

I recently started a huge obsession on men’s underwear. I mean, I’ve always been enthralled by men who take the time to look the part for every occasion that it’s naturally gravitated towards what the shell hides. How it works? Why it’s designed the way it is? What makes a superior quality in comparison to plain tighty whities that have remained a top drawer staple for decades? So to fill my ever growing curiosity, I’ve started a search for some of the coolest, innovative, creatively marketed men’s undergarments out there. This time, it’s all about Dylan Ribkoff.DYLAN-RIBKOFF

Ok, Dylan Ribkoff produces women’s undergarment as well, but designed with a masculine touch. But on the male spectrum they currently offer 3 styles – boxer briefs, briefs and trunks. All manufactured by a specialty ring-spun cotton by Scotland native Colin Campbell, the fabric is meant to retain shape after multiple washes.

Which is why Dylan Ribkoff was born in the first place. Founded by Dylan Ribkoff, go figure, Ribkoff was upset that men’s undergarments were “too busy with odd prints and too tight a fit or basic black and lost its shape after a few washes”. Something women could relate to as well. So to remedy the situated, Dylan Ribkoff came to fruition.

With everything made in Montreal, manufacturing regulations are monitored to ensure safe work conditions and high quality of each item. Items start at $22 and are available online.