This is another posting from my first blog A Day in the Life of a Libra. My friend Amber reminded me of a story I wrote some years ago, and I think this was it.  Original post date January 7, 2011.

Conversation from last night:

Molly: I would always love going to my friends house because all we had to eat at our house was Ramen Noodles. Till this day, I hate eating Ramen noodles.

Me: I hate how they tried to class it up by making “special” flavors, like Spicy Shrimp. Really? NO!

Molly: I know!

MitaGe: I loved eating the noodles by themselves.

Me: Gross. My sister did that. She would eat them dry.

MitaGe: No. I would cook the noodles then save the sauce for chicken patties.

Molly: Eww..What is this cafeteria lunch?

How I love from friends.

I think the man in front of me just sneezed so hard he pooped his pants. I wish I had some Depends to help him with his predicament.

Last night was a friend’s birthday party in Station Square. Can I just say that he had the best DJ playing mixes from the 80s, 90s and today. (And for those who didn’t know, that’s how you have a party). Anyway, before we went I told my friends that I have a better chance getting laid by a gay man then a woman. Seriously, I just wonder would I be promiscuous if I was still the same person but with a penis? That’s a serious question.

At the end of the night:

Schmo: One man said he would like to be reborn as Tillie.

Me: I heard.

Schmo: You were right, gay guys really love you.

Me: What did I tell you? I should be the next Madonna.

I only post 60% off the blogs I write. I’m too concerned with coming off as an egotistical, pretentious bitch.