It’s Tillie! is a passion project started from my personal quest of internal freedom. By combining what I found lacking in the blogosphere, daily inquiries that pop-up in life, with honesty, humor, and the occasional tear, this site was born. (It was actually born under another title, but someone not even named Tillie, had already taken the original name. Yeah, I know, totes unfair!)

Here you’ll find tons of original content mixed with the occasional been-there-done-that posts relating to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment and all that keeps the modern mind satiated. There will even be videos of me recreating and attempting social fixations like mastering the art of highlight and contour without resembling Ronald McDonald, building a bench from scratch whilst keeping all 10 fingers, to completing a marathon without dying, or camping in the Black Forest for a weekend and not being devoured by bears.

Basically, it’s a home to an ordinary girl, doing extraordinary things while righting her personal wrongs, and hopefully inspiring others along the way.