Dr-Nwoye-1gThough we’ve already selected a Book of the Month, I wanted to shine light on one author who has been spreading the word of the world’s problems for years now. Dr. May Nwoye, a Nigerian scholar and attended university stateside chose to be the voice of her country’s issues. After years of seeing what really happens in a nation that’s the 2nd world’s leader of petroleum, Nigeria. With all the crisis occurring in natural resourced rich countries, it’s always baffling to other as to why so many live in poverty. Poverty that people of first and second world nations couldn’t begin to fathom.

Her latest novel, Oil Cemetery, follows the life of a young girl named Rita, whose father is one of the millions of workers who risk their life every day to ensure a basic living for their families. It describes the day to day happenings through young girl’s eyes, retelling a story of what truly happens when the outside wealthy enjoy the profits of the natives suffering.

“My inspiration for Oil Cemetery came from the monumental noise, the endless tears, and the insensitive treatment of the inhabitants of oil producing areas in Nigeria, where the land that produces the wealth of a nation suffers from abject poverty and deprivation in the face of environmental degradation,” said Dr. Nwoye.

Oil Cemetery is available online through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. For more information on where to purchase a copy visit here. To learn more about Dr. Nwoye and her works including the A Child of Destiny, a story of a young African girl who is to be forced into marriage but chooses to live her live educating other girls to know and understand their basic human rights, visit her site.