Last week we told you what to pack for Coachella. Today, we’re telling you what to wear with the help of Kohl’s. It’s simple peeps. All you really need are four to six interchangeable pieces, that vary in style and print.  Below we’ve given you some style ideas that can be easily replicated to fit your persona. Par example, don’t like print? Keep it solid. James Dean was know for his simple white tees. Now that I think about it, my host mum in France also kept it simple – a button down, cardigan, and trousers. On warmer days she nixed the cardigan all together, and when it was super cold, she wore her Burberry trench.Last-Kohls1 (1)

Another trick. If you’re going with a group of friends that happen to wear the same size as you, share. What you wear may fit differently on your besties bods, and vice versa. NO ONE will notice. And if they do, they are either photographically observant or just weird. Be resourceful. A quick word to the wise – if one of your homegirls like to go commando, but you’re dying to wear her skinnies because they give you that J.Lo booty, DON’T! Sometimes you have to forego being mistaken for “Jenny from the Block” to protect yourself. Anatomy and heat have never mixed well… look it up!

Mudd® Cami – $24; LC Lauren Conrad Crochet Kimono Cardigan – $35; Mudd® Frayed Denim Shorts – $40; Tribal Bootcut Pants from S.o. R.a.d. Collection by Awesomeness TV – $44; Mudd® Emmy Fringe Crossbody Bag – $54; SO® Women’s Sandals – $44.99; Mudd® Women’s Peep-Toe Platform Wedge Sandals – $54.99