Icelandic Solstice comes to New York. On June 21st, Iceland’s 24 hour sunlit festival comes stateside with the help of Reyka Vodka. Joining forces with the Icelandic community, this Solstice will occur in true native fashion ensuring all the festivities are reminiscent of their country.

Being the first vodka ever distilled in Iceland, Reyka Vodka, is infamous for its notable characteristics including small batch production, lava rock filtration, and Carterhead distillation.

“Summer Solstice is a spectacular time for fashion in New York City. Icelandic boutiques like Kisan sell summer dresses and skirts perfect for an entire night of sun”, says Edda Petursdottir, Icelandic-born model/DJ. “The key to a great Solstice party is to be creative in your music selection, fashion choices and your Reyka cocktails!”

On the 21st, along with tons other Iceland expats, Edda will be enjoying drinks evocative of their country’s landscape, created by some of New York’s top mixologists. So  this Friday, pull some friends together and celebrate the Summer Solstice the Icelandic way. We’ve even included a couple of recipes from John DeBary of PDT and Gerry Corcoran of Gwynnett St., to get you started.