Hi. My name is Tillie Eze and I’m Bariddicted. ::everyone chimes in unison:: “Welcome, Tillie.”

It’s week two and I’m still going strong! I overbooked myself on Thursday, so wasn’t able to attend class, but did double duty on Friday to make up for it.

Quick side note, last week, an instructor asked me what my goals were. As many of you know, I’m horrible at speaking my dreams, hopes, goals, etc., so was slightly caught off guard. As I searched my brain for the quickest answer, I found myself fumbling words worse than Manning during The Super Bowl. So, when my normal ramblings no longer sufficed, I said,”follow through.” Which may or may not have been a complete spaz moment, because now that I think about it, what is my goal?! Which brings us to today’s topic – iQniter.

Ok… iQniter is really not our topic but it plays a crucial role in The Bari Studio. My last post mention’s iQniter and what it does. Now I want to show you how it could be the biggest blessing in the workout universe. Typically, when I’m out and about doing my daily dos, I always wonder how many calories am I burning, what’s my heart rate, and what can I do to keep it elevated? Crazy questions that cross my mind more often than I’d like to admit. In Bari, they do all that for you. All belts are set to particular settings, none that are exactly me to a T, but it provides a basis, or foundation, to how beneficial Bari is.Triber-8-Stats

For instance, based on the stats above, in 51 minutes I burned 529kCal and if done 1- 2 times a week it will improve aerobic performance. So, take that and calculate as 5 sessions a week. Not only am I surpassing the expectancy of aerobic performance improvement, but that’s burning 2,645kCal a week. Now, with all of this information, imagine the exact stats if set to my height and weight. I’m no Einstein but if my elementary math taught me anything, I’m losing at LEAST a pound a week.

Hmm… maybe I just found my new goal.