It’s week two, y’all and every part of my body hurts. I’m not going to whine about it but I just thought everyone should know. Like seriously… I never knew your ankles and forearms had muscles until I felt the soreness earlier this week. I’m sure my brain was just as confused as my ankles and forearms since we’ve never felt those muscles before…ever.

But enough about that. It’s 2014 (almost 2015) and everyone has a different nutritional meets fitness belief they subscribe to. One of the biggest turn-offs about the fitness world is that I always think someone is trying to sell me something. No one ever just gives me the facts without a string being attached – a guilt-ridden, ‘your-life-could-be-better-if-you-bought-my-gimmick’ string. Which sort of shocked me about BFX, because they don’t do that. There are no ‘vegan banana pancakes freshly delivered from the bakery down the street’ that’s supposed to rejuvenate your immune system. There’s ‘no raw meat and jungle berries’ to restore your muscles and speed up your metabolism. There’s no ‘sign up for 36 months and we’ll throw in a condo’. Nada! It’s just you and them.

For instance, the other day I was asked about whether or not I eat before class because of how I was feeling. Since I typically stick with morning classes, I don’t have much time to eat before catching the subway. So I was honest and said no. Immediately, I was schooled on the proper practices of eating before working out, how important it is for your body to have something to burn off and the damage my foolishness could cause. I was taken aback as no fitness professional has ever been that straightforward without there being an end gain for them. It was like that moment your favorite teacher pulled you aside after they’d noticed you’ve been half-assing your way through the semester. Though it’s embarrassing, you’re relieved it was told to you by someone you respect.

Sounds like a practice more fitness circles should follow.