It’s my second week at AQUA Studio! Wooohooo! Well, actually it WAS my second week, now I’m on my third, reporting on the second. Ok…now I’m confusing myself, so I can’t imagine what I’m doing to you. Of course I had a class with Lady Emma, but I also took the “Power” class with Anne. WAIT! I’m getting ahead of myself….

Throughout all the classes I’ve taken, we’ve always focused on posture. “USE YOUR CORE!” “DON’T LET YOUR BACK ARCH.” These are commands we hear on repetition during class that I’ve purposefully started to recite to myself when out and about. Not because I have horrible posture (which I do), but because I want to feel if there truly is a difference when I don’t activate my core muscles and walk in proper alignment. So for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been tackling the subway stairs like it’s my job; noting every time I allow my head to fall down and my back to curl. What used to be an uncomfortable motion with what seemed like back pain, has now become an attitude of confidence along with the sensation of my core muscles, and those surrounding, getting an abdominal workout.

Now for Anne. Anne will whoop your ass. Did I say that about Emma last time? Is that a theme with the instructors? “Don’t let students leave until they are sweating underwater.” I really need to read their manual, because they can’t all be this good. Or maybe they are. I don’t remember what segment of class it was, but Anne asked a question and received no responses.  She asked it again and it was like the Holy Spirit flew in me to scream, “YES!” And those are the sort of classes you want to be in. The ones where you push yourself because you know you’re capable of more than what you give yourself credit for.