I’m back for another round of “Tillie’s Workouts”. Ok… it’s not officially entitled “Tillie’s Workouts”, but we all know it should be! Seriously… it’s basically me, running around, trying out all the coolest new studios, and workouts this city has to offer. Seems fair, right? So, this month, I’m taking on BFX Studio in Chelsea and highlighting their studio, trainers, classes and everything else that makes them so special – similar to what I’ve done in the past. One distinctive note that I want to point out is that once a week I’ll be working with a trainer, Derek, who you’ll be hearing about later on in the series.

Anyway, back to BFX Studio as a whole. Imagine if you took a gym, and everything that makes it a gym, and streamlined it from top to bottom. While retaining the core essence of a fitness center, you have a more intimate setting that allows the staff to provide more individualized attention and exercise quality control to keep things running smoothly. Plus, as the space is a little larger than other NYC studios, but much smaller than other franchised gyms, you never feel overwhelmed or overcrowded by guests. Which for me is really important when most moments of my day seem consumed with others in my personal space – on the subway, on the street, even at home – the last thing I want is my athletic, help-me-find-my-Zen time to result in the same sentiment.BFX-Build

Speaking of finding my Zen, Box and Bell taught by Eli is my favorite class. The first time I took the class I swore I would never do it again – ever. Three classes later, I returned wanting more, not from the class, but from myself. I’m able to jump rope longer without the rope getting caught around my neck or shoe (it’s happened, trust). I’m able to release all that pent up stress on the bag, plus Eli just makes it all worth it. He’s one of those instructors that pushes and encourages, resulting in YOU wanting to push yourself that extra mile. It’s a contagious atmospheric energy that makes you leave with a smile. A very sweaty smile. But a smile nonetheless.

As a birthday treat to myself, I’ll be taking his class tomorrow morning. You know… just to start the big 2-8 off right!