Last week, I started AQUA Studio, which is basically aqua biking. An idea taken from France and brought to the States, has peaked the interests of workout aficionados alike. I’m slowly learning to love sweating up a storm, and sort of thought underwater cycling would be a walk in the park. Thus far, I’ve been wrong.

In an environment of swimsuit clad ladies, it was a surprise (and refreshing) to see cyclists of all ages and sizes. Unlike many of the popular studios around the city, there’s a certain look to their clientele, ultimately pushing away, or isolating a huge demographic. During my interview with founder, Esther Gauthier, she spoke of positivity and personality as though it was essential for each guest to have. And from what I’ve seen, they do embody it. But it seems that that rings true even for the instructors

Both classes I had were taught by Emmanuelle – an early 30s French woman with a chestnut bob and shape many aspire to have. In the beginning of each class she taught us the positions and its variants. From there we continued the motions into a full 45 minutes class of what felt like the easiest workout I’ve ever had. Until I stepped out of the pool and realized the cooling, easy sensation was thanks to being submerged in water. The reality of what my body endured was not easy or cooling by any means. Emma had worked our body to the bone, giving us an allover burn. A burn that tones muscles, reduces cellulite and most of all doesn’t cause inflammatory joints allowing for a faster recovery time.

Not having been in a pool since my first-year in college (nearly 10 years), and would rather wear a neoprene tarp on a heat sweltering day than be caught prancing around in a bathing suit, it says a lot when those insecurities are shoved out the window instantaneously. From changing and dressing in the bathroom during my first class, to changing and undressing in the public arena of the locker room, is comparable to several sessions of cognitive therapy. Which in a time of co-ed everything, it’s nice that there’s a safe haven for the single-sexed moments in life.