I love paper products…journals, notecards, memo pads, sketchbooks…you name it and I’ve probably got one tucked away in a closet, waiting for its turn as my go-to jotter. Imagine my excitement when I get invited to an event to herald the release of a new stationery line! At the Mondrian Rooftop! I was so excited, I RSVP’d before seeing that it was a WEDDING stationary line launch but then again…we’re talking paper goods, so I was going to be there regardless. Here’s my gripe: there’s something about wedding products that just scream ‘One-time Use Only!’ to me. From the wedding gown to the bridesmaid dresses to the stationery…very little, if any, can be properly repurposed. But after taking one look at the designs, I knew there’d be new additions to that stationery shelf (yes, a whole shelf devoted solely to paper goods…don’t judge me) for future use.

Wedding Paper Divas and Whitney Port (yes, THAT Whitney) teamed up  to create six exclusive, stationery designs. Mind you, these designs aren’t necessarily for those planning a black-tie affair at the local country club but there’s something whimsical and fun about each print. So fun, that I started to mentally plan ways to use the Lavish Laurel for a croquet party and picnic and the Aztec Allure to invite friends over for a Tex-Mex feast during the winter in Manhattan. And, yes, I plan on having them personalized. Because I have no shame like that.

P.S. The collaboration doesn’t launch until August 14th, so see if you can hold off any parties, wedding, or gatherings until then. Don’t act like we didn’t give yo a heads up.