There’s nothing I hate more about shopping than having to undress to try on clothes that fit you in one store but in another store those jeans are so tight you resemble a stuffed sausage. Not only is it not flattering, but it’s time consuming, tiring and depressing. Well, Tanya Shaw, the creator of Me-Ality, has created a device that requires us to remove NO clothing whatsoever that determines our size based on brands.

Shaw talks with is about how this genius idea came about, her history in fashion and where we’ll be seeing Me-Ality next.


How did the idea for Me-Ality come about?

Prior to launching Me-Ality, I was a wardrobe planning consultant, where I was often frustrated with the fact that men and women tied their self-esteem to a size on a tag. I wanted to show people that finding the right fit in your clothing makes you feel your best, and is most important.

How do you get such precise measurements, without anything physically touching you?
Inside a Me-Ality station, a wand circles the shopper twice, releasing radio waves which bounce off the moisture in a person’s skin. These waves measure 200,000 points on the body in 10 seconds. Our sizing software matches the customer’s measurements against our broad selection of brands and styles and produces results ranked in order of fit.

Many women wear slimming agents underneath their clothing, does that affect measurements?

Slimming agents alter the body’s shape. If you are wearing one of these, it will impact the results of your scan.

Does Me-Ality find the best fitting items for you in all of the stores inside the mall it is stationed in, or how do you decide what brands to recommend?

Me-Ality features a selection of over 200 brands and recommends thousands of styles. After their scan, customers receive a Shopping Guide that recommends their best-fitting clothing at that specific mall. At home, shoppers can extend their shopping experience by going online at www.me-ality.com to see all their matches across all our brands.  Me-Ality is constantly adding new brands and styles to enrich the shopping experience for our customers.

Where do you see Me-Ality going in the next few years in terms of expansion? Do you have any collaboration set up with designers or larger department stores?
Me-Ality has a number of collaborations with retailers and department stores. Last fall, Me-Ality launched the “Sized Just forYou” campaign with Nordstrom, which presented shoppers with their best fits in denim styles  sent directly to their email.  In March, Me-Ality will be launching an exclusively designed new station with another luxury department store, providing an exciting new extension to its services. By the end of 2013, Me-Ality will have locations in over 300 malls and high-traffic areas nationwide.


What sort of feedback do you get from consumers about shopping, and how Me-Ality effects their shopping experience?

Shoppers love that Me-Ality takes the frustration out of shopping for clothes and introduces them to new brands. In a recent survey, 94% of shoppers said they found Me-Ality to be a helpful service, and 78% of shoppers said they learned of a new brand through Me-Ality’s recommendations. In fact, 60% of shoppers purchased a brand they had never considered before getting scanned.

What is the Me-Ality persona/who is Me-Ality for?

Me-Ality is for anyone who wants to reduce the hassles of shopping and find their best-fitting clothing, fast. We offer brands and styles for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Besides getting me out of the dressing room, what can Me-Ality technology do for me?  

In addition to taking the guess-work and hassle out of trying on clothes, customers receive an online profile which acts as a virtual fit advisor, giving the consumer confidence to purchase their best fits across the company’s broad array of brands online. Additionally, Me-Ality can be used as a tool to motivate and track fitness goals.

How does your background in fashion effect your work with Me-Ality?
I was trained as designer/pattern maker so I understand the challenges of working with various body types and the complexities involved in designing for the masses.

Who are some of the designers/style icons you admire for their fit?

One of the finest designers of our time who had an incredible understanding of fit and how well tailored clothes can enhance the body was the late Alexander McQueen.  Some denim brands that offer great fits for different body types are J Brand, 7 for all Mankind and  AG.

Please provide 2-3 of your favorite style tips?

Always wear the right size for you.  Wearing something that is too small or too big can work against you and will not flatter your shape.  Incorporating colorful accessories into your looks will create impact.