I promise this isn’t going to turn into an “I’m Vegan” site, but here and there, I will drop some info on tasty vegan/plant-based morsels that will have you not even thinking twice about those treats you left behind.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve come across, and tried, many of these items and it seemed only fair to pass the goodness along. Here are my favorite go to snackables that are, of course, vegan friendly.

P.S. I’m a honey-eating vegan!

Rebbl was one of the food sponsors of a conference I attended last month. These coconut milk based elixirs are filling, packed with tons of super-herbs, and taste incredible. Let me tell you… for someone who doesn’t like chocolate, I’ve purchased quite a few since sampling it that day. They come in many flavors, but if I were to advise which ones to try as a newbie, I’d say – Tumeric Golden Milk, Tumeric Lemon Tart, or Reishi Chocolate.

Other drinkable items include Planet Fuel, the healthier after school juice, and DOPE Naturally. DOPE Naturally tasted somewhat like a watered down smoothie with chunks in it, but keep in mind you can mix it with a lot of other things – yogurt, coconut milk, add it to a smoothie. My go-to mixer is water for most recipes as I’m not a fan of the other popular milk products. Planet Fuel tastes like the juice we drank as children – very diluted but still packed with enough natural fruit sweetness to know we were drinking grape juice. Think CapriSun, but natural…and better.

One of the hardest things was finding food on the go, especially when you’re not versed on the area. These are items that you can carry in your pockets, handbag, backpack…whatever you have on had.

Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites are phe-nom. I find it a bit sweet, but it’s all natural fruit sweetness. If you have wires in your mouth from braces (like me) or other dental procedures, these bites can be a bit tacky on your teeth, but that doesn’t stop me from eating them and walking the rest of the day with blueberry infused cranberries stuck in my teeth. Speaking of infusion, it wasn’t until recently that I’ve noticed how many fruits are infused with other fruit flavors, like Amazin’ Raisin.

Amazin’ Raisin are raisins infused with flavors like sour pineapple, strawberry, orange, and peach. The sour infusions are comparable to Sour Patch Kids, which is ideal for those vegans missing SPKs now.

My desire for sweet things has definitely been curbed, but on occasion I crave ice cream and popsicles. During a health showcase, I was introduced to FōMū ice cream. FōMū is life-changing delicious. I’ve heard great things about Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free options, but after tasting FōMū, there’s no desire to even give B&J a taste. That exact creaminess from cow milk rich ice creams are nearly exact with FōMū. I purchased four pints, one to gift to a friend and three to hoard, and savor each one like they are being discontinued. At $11 a pint I better, right?! Yes, you read that correctly… ELEVEN DOLLARS! … But, it’s so worth it.

A more inexpensive option to cure that frozen treat desire is Chloe’s Pops. Currently available in seven flavors including mango, pomegranate, and tangerine comprised of ingredients as simple as water, fruit, and organic cane sugar. Yumsters!

For those of you lucky enough to be in the Los Angeles area, you have access to Dream Pops. I discovered Dream Pops this past Saturday during the Consumer Discovery Showcase. Yes, the mango rosemary pop, that I tried, was heavenly, but any brand that is daring enough to mix such socially opposite tastes, and do it really well, is reason enough to include.

And lastly, sort of, I’m in love with Simply 7 quinoa chips. If you remember Munchos chips, imagine that, but less salt. Not all flavors are vegan, so make sure to check the back. Right now, only sea salt, barbecue, and salt and vinegar are vegan friendly, but it won’t be long before they cook up more. Also, many of their other products are vegan, but I haven’t tried them.

If you’re still missing that true potato chip texture and crunch, 365 Everyday Value® Dill Pickle Chips are to die for. I’ve found pickles gross ever since childhood, but these? I could eat an entire bag and never get sourpuss mouth. It’s not pickle sour, but embodies a light dusting of what makes dill pickles craveworthy. 365 Everyday Value® is Whole Food’s house brand and is available on Amazon Fresh since the acquisition!

There have been a few other vegan-friendly companies that have been brought to my attention, but due to timing, I haven’t been able to try firsthand. I’ve read a few other reviews and decided to include them just because they’ve received quite positive feedback.