Vanessa Williams and SPLENDA kick-off SPLENDA SWEET SWAPS.

Earlier this week, at Haven’s Kitchen in New York City, Vanessa Williams and SPLENDA announced their social media campaign that will put hashtagging to charitable use. From March 25 – April 25, 2014, consumers can share, via social media, how they swapped sugar for SPLENDA using #SweetSwaps. For every post with #SweetSwaps, SPLENDA Brand will make $3.65 donation to the American Diabetes Association, (up to $25,000), in honor in 365 SWEET SWAPS.

Sporting a Vintage Gianni Versace blazer, Azadeh Couture dress and Sergio Rossi shoes, Williams posed next to 71.5lbs of sugar demonstrating the average amount of excess sugar consumed by Americans each year. And to put this into perspective, 71.5lbs is the median weight of 9 year-old boy.Chocolate-Pudding-Fruit-DipSo how can we, including us at StyleCartel, get involved? Simple. As one who drinks coffee black (on the rare occasion that I drink it), enjoys tea without the sugar, and can’t cook to save her life, I can encourage others around me to opt for a better sugar alternative. Share their choices on Instagram, Twitter and wherever else hashtags are popular to not only start a conversation, but hopefully a movement. A movement that will encourage us to be more cognizant with what we’re putting in our systems, and learning to make decisions that are not short term fixes, but long term results.