Fall is here which means a.) my birthday is coming up, and b.) it’s time to dust off those boots and put them on display.

Boots come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. The hardest part is choosing how many you really need in comparison to how many you really want. You have to have the one that pair well with jeans, over jeans. The ones that work well with maxis, minis, and midis. And we can’t ignore the ones that work well with just plain slacks. So we’ve compiled a list of brands that have you covered this fall season, focusing on comfort.


  1. OrthoticShop.com – They aren’t a brand per say, but they house some of the largest inventory of boots that are built not only for style, but comfortability. And for people like me who wear Teva’s when the clouds tell a story of thunderstorms, comfort is truly key.

Pennie (1)

  1. BareTraps – offers an assortment of footwear, but it about boots here, so we’ll focus on that. Ranging from $65 to $128, BareTraps offers some of the most fashion forward styles from knee-high riding boots to ankle combat boots. With so many options, the price will be the last thing on your mind when you redo your shoe wardrobe.


  1. Aetrex – Don’t knock ‘em until you try ‘em. Seriously. These bad boys are some of the most comfortable boots you will ever own. I have a pair and if I could wear them to sleep, I would. The material is unreal, the sizing is perfect, plus they offer a “WIDE” option for those with wider feet.  Known for their removable orthotics, you can put the Aetrex comfort into every shoe in your closet.