Are you on The Path? Life is what we make it. The happenings around us that we believe cause our daily aggravations, are just life unfolding. Inconsiderate people walking through a door you held open for yourself and not even saying thank you. People taking their time walking into a subway car, or off, when there are loads of others waiting to get on or off during rush our. Even people walking on the street with their head down to text, bumping into you, and rather than taking any blame star screaming obscenities like it was your fault. ::inhale, exhale::

All of those things are aggravating, especially living in New York. No more how small, and how often, they are aggravating. But at the end of the day, most of the time, you are in control of your actions. Now I’m not saying that letting it build to a point you burst, but know that you can’t control others opinions, actions, or thoughts. We can only hone the skill of nurturing our inner self to a point balance. A point where rather than smashing that douche bags phone, or telling that sloth paced idiot to, “hurry it up”, we can react in a more positive, happier fashion.

With The Path, one learns ancient meditation techniques in a modern way. None of that no talking for 11 days straight madness. You’re taken through four types of meditation – energizing, mindfulness, mantra and intention-setting – that gives you the necessary tools to customize a practice for you. This way, as you grow within your skills, you can adjust your technique to fit the more calm, empowered person your destined to become. The Path offers weekly sittings as well as special Social and Dharma Talks administered by respected professionals in the industry who practice and institute tried and true methodologies.

Currently, The Path occurs mainly in New York City with Saturday morning options in Montauk and occasional sets in other cities. Visit them online to be signup for future sits, or to learn more about The Path.