Remember those moments you thought that red-eye was most convenient for your schedule, and then you arrive at baggage claim to only be informed they’re “searching” for your luggage. You think, “They’ll find it.” So without an ounce of hesitation you’re whisked off to your suite atThe Mark Hotel,  where concierge received word that your baggage is in deed lost. Wait, did I say that it’s 1:13 am Monday and you have an 8:00am meeting? No? Well add that to the mix of “why me God?” moments thus far.

Well, just be lucky you’re staying at Bergdorf’s 24/7l. With their new collaboration with Bergdorf’s 24/7, you’ll be appropriately dressed and on time to that potential merger meeting.

Starting today, May 21st, The Mark Hotel will offer its guests exclusive access to shopBergdorf’s 24/7. No long lines. No pushy sales people. No inconsiderate clientele snatching the last Akris Punto scoop neck even though your hands were mere seconds from picking it up. Just you and private access to the director of personal shopping – the only other person who could quickly remedy an unforeseen calamity. Plus, to top off this elite service to an already elite hotel, guests will also benefit from complimentary messenger service.

Oh, la la… c’est tres chic. Non?

The Mark Hotel currently offers some of the highest level of personal service from their 24-hour check in, to Jean-Georges dining in-suite courtesy of The Mark Restaurant, to the The Mark Hotel, The Mark’s Bike and Picnic, and the John Lobb Shoe Shine Kiosk. Now it’s time to add 24/7 access to New York’s most iconic fashion store.