Men’s fashion, just like women’s, is ever changing. Not all guys are comfortable wearing a t-shirt and jeans, just like not all men would want to wear tailored suits. Trends change each year, and sometimes blend together to make a new look.

While many people may think that most guys do not care about fashion, it’s obvious with the popularity of men’s fashion magazines like GQ that a lot of men do care about fashion and looking good. You can also find fashion blogs all over the web.

Unless there are fashion police in your town, there isn’t any rules saying you can’t be both sporty and urban or preppy and casual.

The Preppy Guy
Guys that prefer that preppy, college look can often be found sporting khaki shorts and a polo top. Surf polo shirts offer the preppy man a great look in numerous colors. If it’s not warm enough for shorts, these shirts look great with khaki pants or even a pair of jeans.

They prefer to be comfortable and stylish, with a mix of casual and sophisticated.

The Sporty Guy
Depending on what kind of sporty guy you are, polo shirts can overlap into this look. They are a great shirt for the golfer. Guys might like to wear their favorite team’s gear or something loose and comfy. However, it’s likely a guy that likes sports is going to dress a bit different between the court or field than he is for a night on the town.

If the sporty guy isn’t just a fan and spends a lot of time in the gym, it’s likely you’ll find him in gym shorts and t-shirts or sleeveless tops.

The Casual Guy
Again, fashion meshes when it comes to switching from either of the other styles mentioned so far. The casual gentleman may enjoy a comfy polo, a t-shirt, a pair of loose fitting khaki shorts or just a pair of jeans.

Casual guys may care less about how they look, as long as they feel comfortable in the clothes they are wearing.

The Urban Style Guy
Urban style is casual but stylish. Sound familiar? Yet again styles meet in the middle and allow different personalities to link up in the same clothing stores. Skinny jeans paired with almost any kind of top, including a polo, works. This is a style for a guy that likes to look in with the times. It’s about layers too.

Men interested in this trendy style can find a lot of tips on Pinterest.

The High Class Guy
This kind of guy can almost always be found wearing a suit. However, even a high class gentleman may like to mix it up a little and wear a nice t-shirt with his Armani suit. It’s all about what he feels comfortable in.

Styles don’t always have to follow a particular rule set. If they did there would be no room for fashion trends, and what would the world be like without them. Everyone would be wearing the same thing the same way and no one would be able to tell the difference between who enjoyed sports and who would rather be on Wall Street.