Welcome, 2015!

A new cycle of change starts NOW and it will last three years. They will be the unforgettable three years for all signs in every corner of the Earth. Saturn stays in Sagittarius most of this time and it’s not its favorite place to be, it has a terrible way of causing financial turbulence. Saturn brings an increase of religiously fanatic groups or societies will be split in these groups and, within them, people will try to find support for the planetary change. It’s not an easy period for economy. Beginning in September ’15 we feel once again the pressure from the crisis that happened in ’08. Those that have a messy financial life must be extra careful this year. 2015 moves house 12 and society is transformed, questioning its deepest values. The year is ruled by Mars and we have a bigger energy to fight for our rights and independence on every level. The years ruled by Mars were 1916, 1923, 1930, 1937, 1944, 1948, 1955, 1961, 1969, 1976, 1987, 1994, 2001 e 2008. We will watch the decay of some governments and the loss of order and control. There is a feeling of chaos in the world with civil wars and religious groups’ conflicts. Those that are unaware will plunge in drugs and alcohol, thinking they are guilty for things they cannot control. A lot of internal questionings increase the need of therapy and, at this moment, family is the support for those who can’t handle Neptune’s effects. This is the year for organization of national and international laws. The world sees there’s wealthy in the air and in water. The naval sector will be on the rise and international shipping routes will be re-evaluated. We will have to discuss water and air frontiers. We might see the return of pirates, ship attacks and serious missile threats. Religion, believes and philosophy will be guiding humanity this year and become an important cornerstone for the instability that we feel. Water and Hydrogen are also on the spotlight this year. A lot of technology will be developed with these elements. Global warming will be the 2015 summer muse. It’s a year under the Virgo influence for problem resolutions. What is done, is done, whoever it may include. Those keeping a cold mind to watch the facts will find room to grow. Those who plunge in emotional chaos will have a complicated year. The suggestion is to simplify your life, adapt to the different groups that are around you, broaden your mind when it comes to differences and organize your financial life. Charity is a way to get closer to those who feel lost in this change cycle. The illnesses this year will be focused on psychological and psychiatric disturbs. Therefore keep your feet on the ground to get the best of 2015 and be happy, wherever you may be. Namaste.


Mars brings enthusiasm and positivity for you to start the year. You want to innovate. The world doesn’t understand well what are the changes that you want to do, but don’t give up your ideal. It may be an issue from 2014 asking for a review or a second chance. See if there’s room in your life to themes of the past. There are good love opportunities in 2015 and your financial life also receives a boost in the second half. You must fight a lot to address the financial obstacles. Try using your communication in the best way, be considerate and involve more people in your projects. Try to locate, among them, someone who understands and that makes the translation of your dreams. Be polite when speaking. Saturn asks for responsibility at work and energy to modify this sector of your life. Some revelations come in the financial sector, pay attention to the signs.





Mars brings a lot of energy at the beginning of the year. You want to get things moving and the enthusiasm is high. Now you feel it’s time to assume full power over your life. Neptune, your ruler, is in your sign, your imagination flies and you daydream, often losing sight of what is real and what is fantasy. Your inspiration must be channeled into some kind of art. You’re absorbing everything that comes, so avoid any toxicity, be it spiritual or material. Many Pisces can be intoxicated in that year. Protect yourself! If you are feeling lost in professional terms, stop and re-evaluate your choices. Only your fear may harm your health. You can unlock your career through friends and groups to which you belong. There’s love for you and the family is with low energy. There may be changes in this sector. Technological means can bring quick money. Spin the wheel of Fortune!




Jupiter enters your sign in August 2015, Virgo! It’s a good time, full of opportunities for you to have new experiences and bring good things into your life. Don’t miss the chances that appear. Mars will be in your sign between September and November, and this will be the pinnacle of the year. The solar Eclipse in your sign, in September, is an excellent time for you to start something new that will last long. You haven’t feel this well for some time. Neptune in Pisces brings difficulties to see the reality and see those who take advantage of you don’t lose the focus so get away from those energy vampires. It’s a prosperous year but with little chance in love. Saturn strength improvement in relationship with family members and wars will be fought over the next two and half years in this sector. Keep your energy high, this is the weak point of your health this year. Vital and mental energy! Relax and enjoy the prosperity!




Tons of energy coming from Mars until May, Taurus. It’s an excellent phase to develop something that’s on your mind, because you have plenty of energy to try something new. Do everything in this period. Use these five months to solve all the issues from the year. Uranus still create a spiritual transformation in you. Between July and September Venus gets in the way of your projects and nothing seems to work. Your vital energy gets low with so many accumulated worries. Saturn abandons the questioning on love relationships and follows towards house 8, requesting personal changes and also in the way you deal with power and sex. Your health improves, love turns stable and Jupiter improves your ability of having fun and create. There are chances of financial gains and changes in the way your partner administrates the household. Some things must be re-evaluated on the financial sector.



You had many responsibilities in 2014, had to face daily reality and had a lot of growing up to do, while Saturn was in your sign, Scorpio. Now, the Universe will reward you with improved communication and creativity. You will have the opportunity to make a dream come true. It is an exciting moment. Even if you have to create the paths for that dream to happen. Now the universe conspires in your favor and you can face any difficulty that may come. There are benefits in love and at work. It may be that love doesn’t last all year, but will be present for a couple of months. Work, on the other hand, can be faced in a radical way. There is also wealth and success for you. Family is a weakness this year, don’t count too much on them. Your health improves a lot and there can be a definitive cure. Remember to always forgive, this is the path of your healing.

Saturn picks you as a victim in 2015, Sagittarius! Keep a balanced life, organize everything you can, be responsible and do your homework. Don’t mess around with Saturn! Put your plans into action and remember to join signs strengthened in 2015, as Leo and Scorpio. Neptune in Pisces can play it in the mists and your vision gets blurry and for many months, you won’t even know where you are or where to go. Don’t let yourself be attacked. Protect yourself in business and in relationships. Worth reminding: Saturn comes to collect. If you did everything right, you can be successfully recognized. If you just celebrated, you will suffer the charges that Saturn imposes. Saturn press with recoveries in health and re-evaluates all you’ve done for the past 28 years. The process will require a lot from you.  Take care of your heart. There are chances of prosperity but also of family discussions about money. Don’t expose yourself this year!



Libra, the Eclipse in April, on your sign, moves your life. Sensitivity can greatly increase and your emotional aspect needs special attention at this stage. Between July and September, your energies are used to the limit and you must maintain an optimistic posture about their achievements. Many changes occur overnight. Use the power of Pluto in Capricorn, plunge into yourself and make an analysis of the best way to deal with so many twists and turns. It’s an amazing year for you, Libra. Many conquests may come if you use correctly what, at first, may bother you. People bring situations for you to solve. Your family is in the eye of the hurricane and stays all year round. Your affections are in the testing phase and will be very complicated to keep a marriage in balance. The last four months of the year are more prosperous. Until then, organize your economies.



Use all your energy up to half of August, Leo. You will not have a cycle as prosperous for the next ten years. Mars collaborates with that growth until late September. A lot of enthusiasm and joy this year. Plant the bases without worrying so much about the results. The return is guaranteed but it comes slowly. Don’t be hasty. Enjoy the good chances and cultivate good relations. Earn, be humble and share the benefits you receive. Now you’re in a good phase and should keep away from things as laziness and arrogance. Believe in your projects and be benevolent, especially with Taurus and Cancer. Saturn tests your creativity, your sex life and asks for more fun, without exaggeration. There may be a marriage this year. You are at the stage of making money and it looks like the Universe smiles at you. Your health improves a lot and those born between August 19th and 22nd may still have some complications, nothing too serious.



Uranus in Aries moves your dreams for the future, Gemini! Mars boosts your projects between February and March. The solar Eclipse of March modifies your life unexpectedly and the lunar Eclipse on September consolidates your dreams and turns them into reality. Good surprises at this stage. Between May and June, take advantage of Mars’ extra strength and abuse the enthusiasm, your communication will be at an all-time high. There’s a desire to get rid of clutter. Beware of Neptune in Pisces. There are illusions that can get you out of reality. People will feel a greater power in you. Use it positively, avoid any kind of toxic substance, which can make you vulnerable to attacks from enemies. Saturn turns their relationships on and you can have your relationship tested. The strong point of the year is your home, you can have good gains in short-term operations and your lungs more air. Breathe!



CapricornYour interests take a turn in 2015, Capricorn. You, who have always been so pragmatic, will have a year with great personal changes and enormous interest for a spiritual life. It’s a transmutation in comparison with what you once were. To arrive at that stage, it may be that the spiritual life put tests in relation to your concepts about life and death. Any surgery can occur in that year. Your home goes through changes and your family is in an unstable situation. There may be family breakdown and a lot of stress in this sector. Your health calls for attention and the heart must be the focus of the year. There is love and prosperity, especially in the second half. The most important thing is to create the mental picture of how you should be this year, since the mind acts intensely on your physical and emotional health. Renewing the home, redecorating or even moving, can be a way of exchanging heavy energies that surrounds the family. Relax and meditate!



Pluto continues to press your relations, Cancer. People bring problems for you to solve. End your search for the perfect love and start work on possible love. The same happens in the career. You feel stabilization. Look for the answers to the problems yourself. Only then you can get out of the pit you’ve dug. The fights are internal and external. Try to communicate correctly and, between September and October, seek balance in relations. It is not a year of leisure to you. Is a time to grab life on your own hands and stop blaming others for difficulties? Make the step-by-step instructions and get results! Saturn tests your routine, how you love and how you work. There is money for you and your stomach can be the focus of the year. It’s nothing more than cleaning up memories that you have to abandon about what went wrong in past relationships or in your career. Move forward!




Uranus continues on your sign in 2015, Aries. The energy that moves it, continues to modify your life. Changes should be based on reality and there’s strength to change and just show that you’ve rebelled against something. This control should be done until 2018. Between February and March, Mars brings imprudence upon changes. Be the pioneer but not impulsive. August may be a month for a new job and the year is filled with travel opportunities. Pluto in Capricorn requires drastic internal transformations.

Do them the best way possible. If you exaggerate, you may end this year pretty damaged. Try to build something on the positive side of 2014. Saturn moves your faith, studies and broadens your contacts with other countries for two and half years. Your health will be good and love stays neutral. After August there’re good financial opportunities.