I’m not a water drinker, but overtime it has been something I’ve forced myself to do. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out Iceland Glacial water and I’m in love. Before I tell you all the benefits and how it’s played an intricate part in the beauty industry and why, you need to know why I love it so much.

Like I said, I wasn’t a water drinker, but I also didn’t like room temp water.Icelandic Glacial is so pure and real tasting that not only is it my top water choice, but when you drink it at room temp, it really feels like it’s cooling you down similar to how iced water does. Plus, since it’s sourced straight from the sub-artic Olfus spring of Iceland, the water is untouched by humans until you open the bottle. So, you don’t have to worry about how it’s filtered, whose been in contact and other frightening scenarios that may arise.

Now Icelandic Glacial has a innate high alkaline pH and is so pure that Sonya Dakar and Sonya Dakar use Icelandic Glacial in their products and facials.

“Icelandic Glacial Water has proven in our labs its power not only to counteract the production of melanin in skin cells, but also to act in favour of all skin transparency features. These results make it the perfect asset to go beyond whitening toward immaculate transparency,” said Edouard Mauvais-Jarvis, Scientific Communication Director for Dior. “It is so effective and so complementary to our core active ingredients that we have decided to replace 100% of the water in our formulas by Icelandic Glacial water to reach new levels of efficiency and pleasure in the whole Diorsnow range.”

Icelandic Glacial is available at many retailers including some Whole Food’s Market locations, Walgreen’s and online. To learn more about Icelandic Glacial, Sonya Dakar or Sonya Dakar, visit their website.