Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet every day that beholder seems to continuously profess a narrow view of what true beauty is. As society focuses less on character, intelligence, and individualism, we make room for the evil that comes from superficiality. Looking good does make us feel better but why can’t we complement our brains with beauty. TATCHA, a skin care collection inspired by the old beauty ritual of Japanese Geishas, partnered with Room to Read to support similar mindsets through education.

Through their “Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures” initiative, every full-size product purchase will provide one day of schooling and support for young girl participating in Room to Read’s Girls’ Education program. That may seem like nothing but think about it this way. Your go to moisturizer is finished, and your cleanser is running low. Though you have a few more pumps out of it, you might as well kill two birds with one stone and purchase both while on your lunch break. Imagine in a city like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Tokyo and so on, 5-10,000 women are going through a similar predicament. That’s 10-20,000 units sold, resulting in 20,000 days of school (roughly 12 years of schooling for 4) for these girls.

And what’s more beautiful than a girl who can think for herself, and realize her potential and life aspirations are priceless.

“One of TATCHA’s core values is that beauty begins in the heart and mind,” explains founder and CEO Victoria Tsai. “We are still a young company, but it’s important to us to support Room to Read’s Girls’ Education program. During a recent trip to see Room to Read’s programs in Cambodia, I saw firsthand that there is nothing more radiant than a beautiful mind.”

Room to Read Is a global organization seeking to change the lives of children in Asia and Africa by promoting literacy and gender equality in education.

For more information on Room to Read or TATCHA, visit them online.