See that bright, beautiful sun gently kissing your skin? Are you looking at it? Well, you shouldn’t be… that’s dangerous. But even if you’re not, I hope you’re guarding those brown beauties as well as you protect your skin because your eyes can get sunburned too. So this Summer Styles we talk ACUVUE and how they are some of the only lenses on the market offering UV rays protection.

According to many studies that I am not scientifically inept to cite have found that ultraviolet rays can damage cells in the eyes affecting the overall vision. It’s difficult to pinpoint the amount of damage the rays cause over a period of time, but studies have seen the effects may accumulate and heighten the chances of eye problems later in life. So it’s important that contact wearers, like myself, be cognizant of brands like ACUVUE that offer Class 1 or Class 2 UV protection.  And I’m sure you sitting there thinking, “Well there sure isn’t much certainty in her story,” so I’ll say this:

Decades ago when people were basking in the sun sans sunblock for that summer shine,  in the beginning, they saw no reason to worry. Their skin was the perfect shade of bronze which made everything they wore look so much better. They wore less makeup because there face had the perfect glow. So year after year, they continued this same regime, because there wasn’t “much certainty” in the claims they were hearing. Overtime as more substantial evidence of causation begin to surface of the visible proof of what UV rays can do, more people became cautious about protecting their skin. Do you really want to wait until you have visible proof of what UV rays can do to your eyes?charts-oasys-uv

So open up your desk drawer, mouse through your handbag, or check your latest prescription refill and double check your go to brand has you covered. Spotting that hunk a mile away may be a plus, but shielding your eyes so you can see more hunks years down the road is more important.

P.S. Avery special note from Dr. Resnick  (AKA the amazing O.D. who schooled me on all I needed to know about ACUVUE options), “You want to be sure tap water doesn’t get in contact with your makeup or contact. Tap water can contain certain protozoa and amoebas which are very harmful to the eyes. Just dispose of them or use even just a lubricating drop – it’s safer than water.”