My favorite part of summer is open terrace restaurants and hotels where you lounge around enjoying the cool breeze, the warm sun on your skin and delicious drink from their well awarded mixologist . Though just one of the many perks of beautiful weather, over time it becomes costly and quite ostentatious. Below are some of the easiest ways to recreate a similar drink menus in your own home.

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For a quick, easy alternative, Mike’s Hard Lemonade has delicious frozen drink pouches,  with flavors ranging from black cherry lemonade to classic margarita. Black cherry, happens to be my favorite flavor of the pouches, but they’re all delicious. The moment you find yourself spooning it out of the pouch, is the moment you know it’s time to move over to the bottle – Crisp Apple or Blood Orange. Both seasonally appropriate, and perfect for drinkers with gluten allergies.

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