When a shoe is banned by the NBA for “providing an undue competitive advantage,” you know it’s something to talk about. That’s Athletic Propulsion Labs, or APL, for you. Known for their NBA banned, patented Load ‘N Launch Technology, has launched a running shoe line housing three collections –  The Joyride, The TechLoom™ Pro and The Windchill. Which from their names alone sound like shoes you would only see in movies. You know, those movies where the neighborhood kid, with no sport knowledge whatsoever, finds a pair of shoes that abnormally shined a ray of light when he opened the box. And overnight, he becomes the school’s track star. Yeah… those movies.

Anyway, each collection is engineered with something different to accommodate the wearer. The Joyride offers midsole technology to maximize energy production. Techloom offers the same midsole innovation, but was manufactured with seamlessly woven upper construction allowing for breathability and flexibility. While Windchill incorporates that Load ‘N Launch modification utilizing six compression springs within.

“The Joyride, TechLoom Pro and Windchill running shoe collections feature either our newest version of the multi-patented Load ‘N Launch technology, specifically designed to allow runners to increase performance and expend less effort or our proprietary new Propelium® midsole technology, designed to provide enhanced energy generation and comfort for the runner,” said Adam Goldston, Co-Founder of Athletic Propulsion Labs.

All three collections are currently available online.