When shopping for sexy lingerie, or lounge wear, many times you come upon the same old names. Though beautiful and elegant, you sort of want new brands without the excessive amount of pages with similar looking items. Like a one-stop, online shop with premium collections of exotic silks, lace, and in designs that are feminine, easy on the eyes, and unique.

ByChezBoutique.com, though not a single house brand, offers women the latest and greatest in the world of lingerie. A curated selection in the likes of Toute la Nuit, Samantha Chang, Clo Intimo, the popular Elle Macpherson intimates, and so much more, it’s a plethora of quality undergarments that you want showcased to everyone. Even though very few will be granted permission for a lingerie sneak-peek. Lemon yellow garter belts with black lace trim, deep-V French lace paneled robes reminiscent of Old Hollywood, or periwinkle and rose mist  balconette brassieres meant only for the finest of gowns.By-Chez-Boutique

I will say there’s only one drawback, and that’s sizing. Many of the collections only carry sizes up to large, or 36F, which is fine. But just a quick heads up to our curvier ladies out there who are slowly pulling out their credit cards.

Always evolving with the seasons ByChezBoutique.com is as current as the brands’ website themselves. Just a larger, more eclectic collection of items for the picking.