“Tanya went on a trip to Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya and she brought back a bunch of fabrics and pigments and everything is really saturated in weaving. So this based on some jewelry we saw that were these striped necklaces, really bright… like wanted to be these bright blocks of color against skin. So that’s why we have just the negative space underneath,” said Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen’s Global Color Ambassador.

Backstage today for Tanya Taylor’s Spring/Summer 2016 show, we got the low down on the models Sally Hansen nail looks, and Madeline’s trick for recreating sharp lines when there’s no tape in sight.IMGP2038The Look: Some of the models got a sheer color called Arm Candy and its just one coat of it, so it’s like just kind of a light tinted gloss. Everyone’s getting that first, so one coat of this. There’s like four girls that have just sheer and the girls that have just this usually, they have kind of the more outrageous outfits on and then the girls that have the darker outfits have this bright Cucamango and Ruby Dew striped now. Girls that have more like colorful outfits have either this dusty blue which is called In Full Bloom, or the navy blue which is called Dark Humor. Depending on what they’re wearing. IMGP2071

How to get the straight lines: I would generally use tape to do it, to make it like perfect. I would use like a metallic or a paper tape, but since we’re kind of doing it quickly, we’re using these striping caps. They’re skinny brushes that fit onto the lid and they stay submerged in the polish – “which are hard to come by,” Madalyn remarks.

She starts from the, sort of mark off the line first and then bring it from the other side. That way you can fix sort of the level of it and then work on the thickness. Start with a thinner line and just sort of perfect the shape of it, going back from the side to the center, side to center. “Then we use a top coat, just because I like everything to be sort of encapsulated under the gloss, so it all in the same level. We use the Insta-Dry top coat.”