With Alistair Carr moving on from Creative Director at Pringle of Scotland – currently at Alexander McQueen’s diffusion line, McQ – there was tons of interest as to what we would see from the label’s in-house design team. At StyleCartel, we are huge fans of the label and some of the frequent Pringle wearers: Clara Paget, Kate Hudson, Rose Byrne, and multi-time face of the label, Tilda Swinton. We were promised in the show notes a bit of a revival of the Scottish brand’s heritage including fantastic knitwear both chunky and light, argyle, and a focus on twinset. As we entered the Roosevelt Room at the Brown’s Hotel, we immediately fell in love with all the knits – modern boxy shapes embroidered with vinyl cut beads – and argyles – interpreted into a beaded pattern from hand-cut vinyl petals.

Theme – “These are based on the 1950s ‘sweater girls’ but updated with geometric beading, which gives an element of unexpected and whimsical Britishness,” said Jean Fang, the company’s chief executive. It seems as the real theme was to create a collection of wearable, saleable, and ready-to-wear looks that will have buyers racing towards the order sheets and hopefully soon hung in our closets.

Color – Lilac, mint, dove grey, pale blue, dusty pink, cobalt, jade, lavender, and citrine

Key Items – All of the knits with vinyl beading and the slouchy pants… twinsets are no longer drab and boring but fresh and modern.

Prints – Argyle, floral, mixed diamonds

Fabrics – Cashmere, vinyl, cotton, light wools

Accessories –Very limited accessories focusing on thin belts and matching pumps in silver, cobalt blue, and white.